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"The BOARD or the President may authorize various Committees to assist in the day to day operation of the WPOA."

- Code of Regulations ARTICLE VII COMMITTEES, Section 1. Committees

Lake Waynoka Committees are created to help facilitate many things between the membership and the WPOA board of trustees. Creating and maintaining important lake documents/rules, enforcing the subdivision's building code, providing feedback from the membership, and meticulously projecting and planning the lakes future are just some of the responsibilities some committees hold. Many committees derive their responsibility and authority from the Code of Regulations.

Waynoka Committee Group Talk Image


The Building Committee is responsible for creating, maintaining, and enforcing the Subdivision's Building Code, which must be approved by the WPOA Board. The committee derives its authority from Article VII, Section 11 of the Code of Regulations.

Building Permits are to be properly executed, and along with the required fees, submitted to the WPOA Manager for approval. The manager then submits permits to the committee for approval or disapproval. Disallowed Building Permits may be appealed to the board by the member.

An Approved Building Permit must be obtained by the member before exterior construction can proceed. Interior remodeling of a member's domicile does not require a Building Permit.

It is strongly recommended that members read the Building Prerequisites, Building Code, and the Waynoka Restrictive Covenants prior to developing plans for construction. The Building Permit and other related documents are on our Documents Page and can also be obtained at the administration office.


This committee was created to support, advise, provide feedback from campers to the board, and proactively plan toward a fun, relaxing campground experience at the lake.

We have lots of great ideas and would love participation from those who camp at the lake, to make those plans a reality. If you would like to join the committee, please email us, or come to one of the meetings.

Campground committee meetings are held the first Saturday of every month at 10 am at the pavilion.


Chairperson: Carrie Boyd

Assistant Chairperson: Kim Kramer

Committee Member: Jerry Abbatiello


The Election Inspectors & Nominating Committee derives its authority from the Code of Regulations, Article IV; Article V, Section 4. The responsibility of this committee is to:

  • Conduct the election process of WPOA Trustees and for any other special elections that may be necessary for the WPOA and requested by the WPOA Board of Trustees. As a courtesy, they also conduct elections for the WRWSD
  • Inform members of all upcoming elections
  • Ensure the integrity of the vote count

The Election Procedures Manual (Rules & Regulations Vol. 3) enumerates the current procedures in detail for conducting elections.

Current Election Inspectors: Margi Borgman and David Patton

Nominating Committee Chair: Nan McHugh


This committee is responsible for, under Code of Regulations, Article VII, Section 14, to:

  • Advise acceptable options for lake erosion control to members
  • Assist the Building Committee and Lake Manager in shore line protection for WPOA's Lake Property
  • Perform studies of the lake on, but not limited to, lake ecology, dredging, environmental concerns, using outside consultants when necessary
  • Writing, maintaining, and submitting to the Rules and Regulation Committee the WATERCRAFT Rules and Regulations

The committee prepares the Lake Waynoka Boating & Fishing Guide which is given to each person who registers a boat at the lake. Copies are available at the administration office and the security building.


The LRPC is authorized under the Code of Regulations, Article VII, Section 12. The responsibility of this committee is to:

  • Create and maintain WPOA's 'Long Range Planning Document'. This document is to be updated annually, and consists of two parts:

    (1) a narrative section which addresses WPOA community Vision, Goals and Objectives, together with comments on any long range planning issues, opportunities, or proposed projects.

    (2) a budgetary forecast of anticipated revenues and expenses reasonably projected over the upcoming five years for each assessment account.

  • Present the Long Range Planning Document, as defined above and covering the defined forecast periods, to the Board for the Board’s consideration and, if subsequently changed during the first forecast year, update as requested by the WPOA Board.

Membership on this committee is an opportunity to become actively involved in the Lake Waynoka community and assist the WPOA Board in determining the direction and future success of Lake Waynoka as a desirable community. If you are interested in being a member of this committee please email


The Rules & Regulations Committee derives its responsibility and authority from the Code of Regulations, Article VII, Section 13. The responsibility of this committee is to:

  • Review and update all regulatory documents of the WPOA
  • Obtain the necessary approval before implementing any new/changed restrictions
  • The exception to the Rules and Regulations Committee's far reaching authority is the contents of the Building Code

The committee meets from time to time on an as-needed basis.