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WPOA Building Committee

The WPOA Building Committee is responsible for creating, maintaining, and enforcing the Subdivision's Building Code, which must be approved by the WPOA Board.  The Committee derives its authority from Article VII, Section 11 of the WPOA Code of Regulations ("Blue Book").

Building Permits are to be properly executed, and along with the required fees, submitted to the WPOA Manager for approval.  The Manager then submits Permits to the Committee for approval or disapproval.  Disallowed Building Permits may be appealed to the Board by the Member.

An approved Building Permit must be obtained by the Member before exterior construction can proceed.  Interior remodeling of a Member's domicile does not require a Building Permit. 

It is strongly recommended that Members read the WPOA Building Prerequisites and Building Code and the Waynoka Restrictive Covenants prior to developing plans for construction.  Copies of the Building Permit and other documents can be obtained at the Administration Office.  Click on the following links to view (or download) various documents relevant to construction before proceeding with submission of a Permit:

Committee Members:
Tony Tatman, Chair
Brian Buckley, Trustee
Terry Borgmann
Paul Cahall, Manager
Prescilla Redick, Ex-Officio
John Sharp


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