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Lake Advisory Committee

TThe Lake Advisory Committee is chartered by the WPOA Code of Regulations, Revision 5, October 1996.  It also derives selected specific responsibilities from the Waynoka Restrictive Covenants (par. 5 & 8).  The chairperson is named by the president of the WPOA Board of Trustees.

WPOA Code of Regulations, "Article VII, Section 14:

It shall be the responsibility of the Lake Advisory Committee to:
         14.1 Recommend to the BOARD each year by the September meeting:
                  14.1.1  whether the Lake should be lowered.
                  14.1.2  How low to drop the Lake below pool.
                  14.1.3  Length and time the Lake should be kept in the lowered condition.
                  14.1.4  When to open and close the valve before, during, and when lowered.
         14.2  Advise acceptable options for lake erosion control to MEMBERS.
         14.3  Assist the Building Committee and Lake Manager in shore line protection for WPOA's Lake Property.
         14.4  Perform studies of the Lake on, but not limited to, lake ecology, dredging, environmental concerns, 
using outside consultants when necessary.
               14.5  Writing, maintaining, and submitting to the Rules and Regulation Committee the WATERCRAFT 
                  Rules and Regulations, including but not limited to:
                  14.5.1  The proper State and WPOA licensing of WATERCRAFT.
                  14.5.2  Defining WATERCRAFT'S insurance requirements.
                  14.5.3  The operation and safety while operating a WATERCRAFT on Lake Waynoka.
         14.6  Determine whether, because of weather conditions, activity on the Lake should be restricted or

The Lake Advisory Committee meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Lodge meeting room.

Activities Include:  

         Periodic review of the entire Lake shoreline to determine erosion-control needs.  Reports are filed with the WPOA Board and the General Manager.  

         On-going assessment of the needs of the lake, dam, and access areas to determine short and long range needs for repairs and improvements.  A report of this assessment led to the establishment in 2010 of the lake, dam, and access assessment.  The committee makes recommendations to the board regarding the use of those funds.

The ecological "health" of the lake, including recommendations for reducing effects of siltation was completed, and the full report ("Lake Waynoka Protection and Enhancement: Study Results and Recommendations") was received in January 2012. You can review the report's various sections by clicking on the links below:

    1.  Introduction, Objectives and Methods
    2.  Results and Discussion
    3.  Conclusions and Recommendations
    4.  Appendix A:  Bathymetric Mapping
    5.  Appendix B:  Water Sample Lab Results
    6.  Appendix C: Sediment Sample Lab Results
    7.  Appendix D: Photolog
    8.  Appendices E and F:  Field Observation Summary
    9.  Appendix G: Streamside Systems Sediment Collector Information

The committee frequently gathers information from other 
Ohio Lake Communities Association (OLCA) members when developing recommendations on rules, regulations, and overall water resource management.

The Committee prepares the Lake Waynoka Boating & Fishing Guide which is given to each person who registers a boat at the Lake.  Copies are available at the Administration Office and the Security Office

Chairman: Prescilla Redick

Members: Frank Skidmore

                          Mike LaPlante

                          Roger Coker


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